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Releasing CMS LARS Vivo 2.2

Major release of CMS LARS Vivo 2.2 contains modernized user interface and significant improvements of development effectiveness and deployment process. Update 2.2 is available for free for our customers.

CMS LARS Vivo 2.2 follows competitive trends in user experience field and contains innovative user interface in the „flat UI“ style. Modernized user interface makes everyday work with the system easier and groups all of the features and tools into one place.

Vivo 2.2 update also includes the newest version of WYSIWYG editor, which has simplified dialog boxes and contains additional formatting options. In connection with innovated user interface, Vivo 2.2 significantly reduces skill requirements for website editors.

User management module is now available directly in Vivo administration. This module was formerly accessible only separately. Webmasters could easily add or remove users, manage access rights and user groups through this module. User management module still retains option of access rights management integration with external identity systems, such as Active Directory, LDAP, etc.

rand new feature Synchronization manager means breakthrough in publishing process. Now webmasters can easily transfer changes from one instance to another without any external support. The most common usage of this feature will appear when publishing changes from preview environment to production website.

Synchronization manager enables webmasters to transfer all of the changes or only the changes in certain location within the website. Sync manager is accessible directly from Vivo administration and fundamentally changes existing publishing process which could be now handled only by website editor.

CMS LARS Vivo 2.2 is available for free for our customers within their maintenance support. Release 2.2 also brings all of the content types to all Vivo license models, so all of the content types now are available since LITE license.

CMS LARS Vivo 2.2 also contains many improvements for developers:

  • Change in system architecture, including restructuring of the source code of Vivo core
  • Adaptation to PHP 5.4
  • Default project template
  • New implementation of logging using Symphony 2 framework
  • New implementation of mailing
  • Transition to TWIG templating system
  • Elimination of Static Fields use
  • Application of Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection to a service layer of the Vivo core
  • Choosing View Template from configuration
  • Configuration using YAML syntax
  • Support for Composer
  • Tracy – panel for tuning, including improvement of reporting error messages and showing log
  • Adaption of generic and extended content types
  • Transition to semantic numbering of versions.
  • Reworked support of translations, including module for translations management
  • New module for running scriptlets from administration, new scriptlets available

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