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Vivo CMS is a modern content management/publication system based on PHP 5.3 version open source technologies and Apache Solr/Lucene.

The architecture of Vivo CMS is strictly object-related and supports a whole range of integration with other systems (SOAP, RSS, XML data export/import, CLI, LDAP/Active Directory/NTLM support).

The system does not depend on a specific relational database* and can be operated both on the UNIX/Linux platform (WWW Server Apache) and the Microsoft Windows Server (IIS). It is currently in the production deployment stage in several dozen web projects, on both system platforms (see selected References).

A modern user interface (UI) implemented on the RIA** principle (Screenshots) enables convenient administration of the structure and content of a website via all currently accessible browser versions (for detailed information, see Technical Requirements)

Vivo CMS stems from the experience Lundegaard has acquired in developing its own CMS LARS product, over more than 9 years. It is also the result of practical, technical and user knowledge, and application of this knowledge in more than 100 web projects of a varied nature (ranging from small sites devoted to products to corporate websites, client zones and intranets/extranets).

(* built-in support includes MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase ASE
(** Rich Internet Application (internet application approaching the level of desktop interactivity)

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