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Key Features

CMS LARS Vivo allows websites to be created and edited easily; familiarity with programming and other technical knowledge is not required. The system is intended for small and medium-sized organisations. A “lighter version” – LITE – which is attractively priced and designed for small websites, is also available.

Simple and fast

Creating and editing pages is very simple and fast.


You can edit web pages directly when browsing. The WYSIWYG editing tool enables you to create and publish documents in a browser, with the help of an editor (including tables, pictures and dynamic elements) similar to MS Word.

Content versions of pages

Each page can have several different versions; the decision about which one to publish and when is up to you. The versions can have different content, and you can show a photo gallery or survey at the same address, depending on your needs.

Website personalisation

Visitors can only see the documents they have access to. Both one-step and two-step (through a confirmation e-mail) registration is supported. You can also connect CMS LARS Vivo to your user database or corporate Identity Management System.

Everybody can create pages

All of your employees can be involved in creating and editing pages, although this is limited to the documents they are authorised to use. Depending on your internal needs, you can define a specific authorisation for page publishing.

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Libraries of web content pages and modules

You can save your work by using a large library of pre-prepared types of web content and modules. New types are being developed all the time, and thanks to an appropriate favourable licence model, you will have continuous access to new system functions and modules. The basic (“generic”) types of content have been reworked, in contrast to previous versions, and have been improved significantly.

Link consistency check

The system automatically checks the consistency of the links from the content to documents, when links are deleted or removed. This ensures no more links to non-existent pages.

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You can plan when document content should be published, downloaded or changed.

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Changing the design is simple

You can quickly and easily and change the design of your pages simply by choosing a different layout or modification templates. In the system, the content and design are always strictly separated.


CMS LARS Vivo is optimised to provide content for various device types (mobile telephones, tablets, etc). You can easily create display templates that are optimised for a particular device (or groups of device) and parameterise them with profiles defining basic characteristics and display possibilities in the group (e.g. limit width of a screen, whether Javascript is present or absent, etc). Autodetection of these facilities has been developed and is part of this functionality.

Document Management System (DMS) is at the heart of the system

The foundation of CMS is “Document Management System” (DMS), which takes care of saving all the documents and their sources, such as multimedia, in a clearly organised directory structure. All data is kept in a central storage system, which works in a transactional way, containing all the built-in functions of full-text and in terms of performance, is optimised for web CMS needs. Thanks to the centralisation of storage, back up and change transfer (replication, or as the case may be, synchronisation) between the instances of the system is easy.

Information interconnection

CMS LARS Vivo enables new documents to be created easily, with the possibility of mutual interconnection. CMS also includes the option to create more complicated data structures using the 1:N and M:N relationships, and to model various relationships between different types of web content

Tailor-made documents

With CMS LARS Vivo you can have more than one form of content for a document, enabling new, structured types of document to be created (e.g. an article "mix" of HTML text, photo gallery and discussion). You can easily create specific types of document definition.

Operations audit

Every change in the system is monitored and recorded, so you can easily find out which user made changes to a particular page.

Multiple use

With one system installation you can maintain several websites at once. Thanks to the central storage system, different sites can share the same content. The new system of security domains allows application of one security rules model (sharing of user accounts and user groups) to several websites.

Corporate portals

The system enables easy connection with other corporate applications, and is suitable for the development of complex corporate portals. Incorporating it into the technical infrastructure of your organisation is very easy. The system contains support of easy extension of administration interface by other modules including functionally specific parts – modules.

High performance

The system is optimised for websites with a high number of visitors. Various built-in “caching” mechanisms, which operate transparently and with regard to the actual load of the host server, significantly reduce demands on the required hardware. CMS LARS Vivo allows scaling by installing the system in clusters with storage in network, or, as the case may be, a distributed files system, or by replicating changes to more presentation instances of the system.

New built-in fulltext engine

CMS LARS Vivo has a built-in indexing and searching engine, which is core optimised for high performance. The function is based on Apache Lucene/Solr open-source products and automatically and transparently indexes every change made to documents saved in the system. The indexing core is used for fast searching in storage on front-end (fulltext search) and also in administration interface. It simplifies and accelerates work with flat structures of documents (articles and news lists, etc.).


In comparison with similar systems, the LARS Vivo system licence is affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the modular system enables the continuous growth of system functionalities.

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