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Quick and easy editing

Creating and editing pages is very simple and fast, and you can edit web pages directly when browsing. WYSIWYG editing enables you to create and publish documents with the help of a web editor similar to MS Word, including tables, pictures and dynamic elements.

Text and image editor (WYSIWYG)

When creating and editing texts, images and tables, the TinyMCE  What You See is What You Get editor (WYSIWYG) is used. As the name suggests, changes are carried out using icons, with an attractive design similar to that MS Word. You will see an almost exact version of the resulting text.

WYSIWYG editor

In most cases the icons work in the same way as they do in MS Office.

E.g. this set of icons  Ikonky

Settings: (B) bold; (I) Italics, (U) underline; (ABC) strikethrough and (A) font colour.

Switching between viewing and editing

In addition to these features, with just one click you can switch between administration of the whole page. There you will see your text including all related features (such as menu, breadcrumb navigation, background colour, side panels and other content on the page…).

View - edit

For switching to the page preview, it’s as simple as just clicking on “Save and View“, which saves time and is done in just one click.

Save and view

In administration, you can see a preview of an unpublished page and check it before visitors see it. Switching back to editing the page is just a click away.

It may happen that you are browsing website as ordinary visitor and you are not currently in administration mode (or even logged in). You come across text that you would like to edit. You can switch to administration of such a page by adding in “?edit“ at the end of the address (URL). Filling in the address in the log-in window you takes you directly editing of the page; you no longer need to look for it in the tree of website.

Pages as they appear on the website compared with pages in administration mode – some examples:

Panel display when viewing pages

With the Vivo 1.2. version when inspecting pages in administration mode you can display how the panels are used and from where the content comes from.


Panel highlighting is turned on using the icon with the jigsaw piece icon.

Show panels


Sample pages with panels:


Twitter feed