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Task scheduler

Plan when the content of a document should be automatically published, removed or changed.

Your website content will be automatically published or removed exactly when you need it, without the changes needing to be made manually.

Each part of the website is saved as document content. Such content can be published immediately when you create it, or you can schedule it for publication at any date or time. The content can have several versions, and in each you can set the date when it should be published or archived (disappear from public website and archived).

Vivo Scheduler takes care of the changes themselves.

Example: You are preparing a Christmas event. You want to post information about it on 20 December and remove it on 2 January. You easily create a page with the event details, let’s say, at the beginning of December. You can plan the publication and removal like this:

Task scheduler

Thus, the task is fulfilled and you have the assurance that the event will be displayed exactly when you need it. You don’t need to deal with it during the pre-Christmas rush.

You can also set a specific time when you want to publish the document or remove it; for example:

Task scheduler

The date and time can be entered in or updated from the pop-up calendar:



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